Paroxysms of Arrogance (split w/ Family Vacation)

by Nescient

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Recorded January 13, 2015 at Brainsplitter Studios in Portland, Oregon.

Thanks to: Uncle Tío, Brainsplitter Studios and Limbs, GCP Tapes and Noise, Torn Flesh Records, Castallian Photography, Williamson Artworks, Family Vacation, Bridge, Metal Viking Art and Photography, Frank Herbert, Michael Crichton, Nukes, Diablo II (Hardcore mode only!), Snakes, Würm, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, Blood Freak, Immoral Majority, Hummingbird of Death, Jim and Acid Feast, Catheter, also all you grind freaks.


released March 2, 2016

Shane Hartman - drums
Alex Higgins - bass
Mackenzie Lewis - guitar and backup voice
Alex Morrison - voice

All songs written and arranged by Nescient.



all rights reserved


Nescient Portland, Oregon

Three-piece grindviolence from Portland, Oregon.

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Track Name: You Paid for Likes on Facebook
You live in a world of lies

You sit behind the screen
Sold out to the scene
Getting new likes
When money's not a thing

How much more can I take
When I know it's all fake
Course you're at the top
With all the likes you've paid

You paid for likes

Just end your life

Track Name: DUI Derby
Swig and swerve

Swerving in the night
Holy shit, there's something in the road!

Swerving at night
One too many beers
Can't see straight
Shit, that's not a deer!

Now I swerve away from the scene
Another DUI derby
No one will apprehend me
Another DUI derby
Track Name: Brotherhood of Eternal Sleep
Flowers of a dazed state
Plant the seed - cultivate

Flickers of a fire
Over seas of green
Rumbles beneath the pyre
Room fills with smoke screens

Rituals get me higher
I must sow more seeds

How can this be wrong?
We're causing no harm
We are just one
We must carry on

Flickers of a fire
Over seas of green
Track Name: The Land Before Grind
Are there dinos on this tour?
Reload the cerebral bore

Chaos theory proved to me
Chaos theory proved to me

Man and beast will contest
Feast on tree stars at my rest
Sharp-tooths snapping long-necks
They're in the compound, we're next!

Tyrannosaur - carnivore
Stegosaur - herbivore
Dilophosaur - carnivore
Parrasaur - herbavore
Spinosaur - carnivore
Brachiosaur - herbivore

Welcome to Jurassic Park, you're dead!
Track Name: Shai-Hulud: Worm who is God
Makers of Dune
Grandfather of the desert

Muad'Dib become our savior

The spice must flow

Only I will remain
Fear is the little death

Shai-Hulud: worm who is God
Melange will free my mind